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Joseph Cornell: Shadowplay...Eterniday. Essay by Lynda Hartigan, Joseph Cornell's Dance with Duality, Thames & Hudson, NY, NY
A Joseph Cornell Album, by Dore Ashton, Viking Press, NY, NY
Happenings, by Al Hansen, Something Else Press, NY, NY
More Than Meat Joy, by Carolee Schneemann, Documentext, New Paltz, NY

Joeph Cornell, A Memoir, Palo Alto Art Center, essay by Signe Mayfield, Curator, Palo Alto, CA
Judson Dance Theatre, Bennington College, Bennington, VT

photograph of Robert Rauschenberg, Pelican: announcement poster for The Grey Art Gallery, New York University; Judson Dance Theatre Exhibition, displayed on New York City Transit System buses and trains.

L'Express (Paris), Kunstwerk (Germany), Newsweek,
Ramparts, Craft Horizons, Arts Magazine, Scholastic
Magazine, Story Magazine, Village Voice, South Mountain
Star, High Performance